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For those of you who don’t want to read the summarized information below, here is a list of links to the nitty gritty:

House Rules
Game Schedule
Flaws for Surviving Death
Character Journals
Act 1 – Character Soundtrack
Act 1 – Story Soundtrack
Act 2 – Story Soundtrack

House Rules

Please review the House Rules for various bits of information specific to this game, including variants for things such as character death, massive damage, action points, taint, and other tweaks.

For easy use, I recommend using the D20 SRD for basic 3.5 Ed references.

Heroforge is by far the best character creation tool that we’ve used, so I highly recommend it.

Dropbox has also been extremely useful for managing files for everyone to use and access.

Gaming Schedule

The group currently meets twice a month on Friday evenings from about 7pm – 11pm, but it’s not uncommon for us to play until midnight. Folks typically arrive around 7 – 8pm with the game starting at about 8pm or earlier depending on quorum.

The game schedule will be maintained here.

Experience Progress

Players can go to this page in order to access their current XP totals.

Flaws for Surviving Death

As briefly outlined in the House Rules above, players whose characters die in an encounter and are not utterly destroyed (e.g. Destruction or Disintegrate spells) can opt to have the character(s) revived after the encounter (as though stabilized at -9 HP) and receive a Flaw as opposed to either a) needing to having their character raised or b) creating a new character.

The Flaw is randomly determined and the Flaws available are based upon the nature in which the character died. There is a preset list of Flaws that are always potential options, and there additional sets that are added in based upon the specific kind of death of the character.

Brief guidance and the charts can be found here.

Character Journals

Players are encouraged to maintain journals for their characters. Players receive bonus XP equivalent to 10% of what is required for their character’s next level as a reward for updating a journal between gaming sessions. XP bonuses are only granted once per character between gaming sessions, although players are encouraged to update character journals as often as they like.

Character journals can be found here.

The DM may also maintain occasional journals for NPCs.


Because I’m ridiculously into music, especially heavy metal, I thoroughly enjoy coming up with compilations to treat as the soundtrack for a campaign. I tailor these to the particular characters and events, so there is a Character Soundtrack and Story Soundtrack for each Act of the campaign. Below are the soundtracks I’ve finished compiling so far for the game.

Act 1

Character Soundtrack

Story Soundtrack

Act 2

Story Soundtrack

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