Ravinder Journals

Entry #1

Violence. There was violence, darkness, and a sucking void. The journey was
painful, but I’m glad I survived. I will never truly know how I managed to
escape from the Demiplane of Dread, and I shudder to think of what may
have happened to my comrade Valentin. I lost grip of his hand in the
planeshift back to the Prime Material Plane, and he clearly was not present
when I came to my senses. Despite the fact that Valentin’s excessive talk was
forever incessant and annoying, I actually miss him as a companion. And
it’s only been a few hours. I know I couldn’t have made it out of there
without his help. Perhaps one day he and I will meet again. It’s a rare thing
to truly trust another with your life. Especially in that godforsaken land.
I’m not quite sure what triggered the planeshift back here to Faerun. The
last thing I remember was fighting some kind of grotesque, skull-like creature
while inside the belly of that massive beast that was easily as big as a whale.
I’m happy that nightmare is over now, although I’m positive my adventures
in that realm will forever haunt my dreams.

I have come to realize that I’m actually not far from the Dalelands where I
grew up. However, something is…different. I can’t quite put my finger on
it yet. It seems as though the war among the Drow is only just beginning
from what I have overheard in Hellga’s tavern, but when I last left the
Dalelands the stories of Drow raiding the surface as part of a past war was
only a bedtime story used to scare children. My tattoos are itching again.
Almost crawling. It can’t be a good sign.

I hardly have enough sense about me now to even think about my new
companions who found me outside, laying in the sand like a sot. At least I
was greeted with caution instead of violence. After living in Ravenloft for so
long, I thought I would forever be conditioned to kill first and ask questions
later. Thankfully I’ve retained more of my humanity (and sanity?) than I
expected. I’m glad I didn’t just kill the two individuals who found me.
Darian and Mithrandir could prove useful to me.
Despite other events that have occurred this evening, I’m too tired to pour my
thoughts upon this parchment any further.

Entry #2

What kind of motley crew have I been brought into? A dwarf, an elf, a
drow, and three humans. At least the elf took the time to try and speak with
me last night. I miss the companionship of her kind. Even though she looks
nothing like my fallen friend Salys, I find her elven grace comforting and
familiar. I believe her name is Evangelyne, but my head is still spinning a
bit after last night’s events. She insists that I stick by her side for the time
being. Little does she realize that I am probably more capable than she is.
Regardless, I appreciate her friendly gesture, and at least she’s easy on the
eyes despite her horrendous temper. Barbarians. You never can tell what
they’re going to do – aside from getting angry and breaking things…or

I can’t believe that one of the first individuals I meet after my return is a
drow. I just can’t seem to get away from them. At least facing them will be
better than living in Ravenloft. I’m sure of that. However, this one seems
different. He doesn’t strike me as one of the brainwashed goons of Lolth. He
seems more intelligent and to have his own agenda beyond pleasing some
drow bitch matriarch. I wonder what he knows, if anything, about the war.
My head hurts to even think about it. At least Mithrandir is fluent in drow
sign language. I no longer need to pantomime like a clown to get my point

I’m not sure who else I can trust in the group. The amnesiac is a powerful
ally, but who knows where his real allegiance may lay? I don’t believe he
even knows…or maybe he needs to remember. The warmage seems too
interested in his own studies for me to care, but I definitely want to make sure
that I stay out of his way…or out of range. It may be worth looking into
energy resistance to avoid serious injury in a conflict with him. The archer is
impossible to read, and I don’t think he has even made up his own mind
about the party at this stage. That could be useful should I need to turn him
against the others, but I will remain weary of him for now. His fierce
independence shines strong through him which could prove good or ill.
Lastly, the dwarf. He has a strong heart, but his faith in his goddess seems to
distract from his true potential. I fear that his racial fealty to the town and
his kinsfolk may lead to his demise. I sense a great evil stirring in
Tethyamar, and my instincts tell me to linger here as little as possible. I will
continue to aid the party to the extent of my abilities, but I will also encourage
them to leave this place at their earliest opportunity.
The eye candy in the tavern isn’t too bad, actually. I think the whore who
resides in the Inn actually calls herself Candy. It’s so stupid that it’s almost
clever. Almost. I’m not sure what it is, but I often find it difficult to look
away from her. The next time I have an opportunity, I think I may see
what she charges for an evening. Her presence continues to
remain…irresistible to me.

Entry #3

Last night I assisted in surveillance efforts while the party lit a torch used to
indicate our willingness to accept the help of a total stranger in some kind of
effort to thwart the mayor of this town. I don’t like the situation. It strikes
me as too obvious and naïve of the party. However, I am merely along for
the ride at this point. Beggars can’t be choosers, and I’m definitely not
turning my back on this group. I think their bravado has grown grossly
overconfident. But who am I to challenge them? I certainly need them
more than they need me right now. I need to keep them sure of my loyalty to
them. However, I consider many of their actions as of late to be questionable
at best. As long as there are no immediate threats to my health, I do not see a
problem with assisting for the time being.

Events continue to get stranger by the hour. I tried to clear my head some
more this morning by taking a stroll at dawn, and I discovered the corpse of a
drow who had arrived by horseback last night. Poor fellow had his throat
slit. He was stripped of all gear and belongings. I figure he probably got
what he deserved. Before I was able to investigate more closely, I noticed a
minotaur approaching so I made myself scarce. I reported the information
to the party, and lo and behold the same minotaur approached us only
shortly thereafter to escort us to the mayor’s office for a discussion.
Like most people who seem to interact with him, I, too, detest the mayor of
this town. His selfishness and gluttony is disgusting. I certainly have no
illusions about my own selfish actions, but the lengths to which this man has
gone to oppress this town even offends my sensibilities. Should I have the
appropriate opportunity, I would not hesitate in killing this bastard myself.
However, I know that would be contrary to the desires of the fellow “Bane”
who is directing the actions of this group.

The mayor revealed to us that this town is in great peril at the hands of an
individual named Mykaeleus, and that a business relationship between the
two of them have soured to such an extent that the survival of this town is now
at stake. Supposedly, Mykaeleus will be sending an army of drow to wipe
out this town. I don’t buy it. Drow seem to very rarely operate under nondrow,
and especially to the extent of raiding a small town whose only real
worth is a mine. I don’t recall whether or not there is an entrance to the
Underdark nearby from years ago (or ahead?), so my speculation remains.
All I know is that we are now tasked with traveling out to the desert to
confront a perfect stranger.

We assaulted some creatures in the Moathouse formerly inhabited by some
human and drow that the original party had dispatched previously. I was
happy to see that my wits and talent with a blade have not lost their edge on
the battlefield. Despite my attempts not to outclass my comrades, I think it
became clear that their efforts are amateur when compared to mine.
However, they definitely have potential, and I can see them becoming quite a
force unto themselves should they continue to cooperate with one another and
expand their talents.

I need rest. My head is still swimming occasionally from the nature of my
arrival here, but I find it nearly impossible to turn off my paranoia persisting
from Ravenloft. The more I try to relax, the more uneasy I become. I
managed an exchange with Candy at the tavern while the party was
negotiating the sale of equipment looted from fallen foes. We arranged for a
meeting later this evening. Although no words were spoken, it was clear that
we would become more…familiar with one another by the end of this

Ravinder Journals

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