Evangelyne Journals

A Quest for Vengeance

I cannot believe what has led to this day. How
did I get here…here, standing over the charred
pieces of my home, my village. Why? Why did I
leave my family to go with the search team?
While others have kept hope that our families
escaped, I know in my heart they did not.
Three days ago a man came to talk to us. He
was dressed as the nobles do, taller than me,
with dark hair and strange, patchy skin
covering his face…blue eyes…he wore no
markings which I recognized, but had on him
a medallion with a scepter with a flaming
skull on top of it. He told us in one week we
had to decided to give up our land, or fight for
it…that his boss, or mayor, or…I don’t
remember, but someone was going to take it.
We made a search party to go find aid for
battle, but two days in we saw the smoke over
what was once my home, my children, my
husband…our home. Our shaman said he
found magic or some spell craft to be at fault.
We have decided to separate, to try and track
down the messenger. In a month we will
return here, hopefully, with vengeance on our

New Beginnings

I’ve come to a town known as Tethyamar. I’ve
somehow managed to join some party…not
even sure exactly what happened…I remember
being in a tavern and throwing some guys
through the windows. Right after some guy all
burned up and his charred buddies all walk
in. Already being in a rage I sprung on him.
I began swinging chairs and screaming for an
explanation. That damn Hellga stopped the
chair an inch from his head. Turns out, this
guy, Vlad, had been in some crazy fire down in
the mines with some drow. Why anyone travels
with a drow and trusts them I’ll never know.
Their hearts tend to be as black as their flesh.
Well…skipping the main details, Vlad and his
crew are helping some paladin Bane try and
figure out what is happening to a bunch of
“missing” dwarves in the town. Why a paladin
needs some random bunch of folk to do his
work is strange, but somehow I became a
member of the party. I’m so confused. I need
to find vengeance for my family, and now have
but three and a half weeks to be back to the
smoldering remains of my village. I’ve sworn
my allegiance, so hopefully this won’t take
long. As apology for assaulting Vlad, I gave
him a patch off that robe the shaman gave me
before departing…it needs to last me all
month, so I hope I need not waste any other
patches on others…

It seems I’ve gotten myself into trouble. Vlad
and his little follower Brodin are gone. Some
drow came in from the desert, he said the sky
opened up and tentacles grabbed them. So, my
patch is wasted, I’ve pledged my allegiance to
a group that is now half missing, and now
includes a drow. And he has come in with a
magic user…quiet, and I’m fairly certain he is
not evil. So we go out, me and this party, a
dwarf, a drown, a warmage, and a duskblade,
in the dark, a town none of us are native to
where two of our party have vanished. Their
clothes were all that remained. Their clothes,
and a human…he can’t talk, but he seems to
have come from wherever Vlad and Brodin
went. All I wanted were a few people who could
help me, and now, it seems, I’ll be helping
them. I’m keeping the news of my family to
myself. They don’t need to know, and who
knows who may be involved. Hopefully I’ll find
at least one person among this group who I
can confide in to help me…not the drow, that’s
for certain. Why he was even invited to the
group when everyone is familiar with how eveil
they can be…Despite his size, I’ll have to watch
my back with that in the group. Maybe my best
bet is the one who cannot talk…even if he ends
up not on my side, who is he gonna tell!

Evangelyne Journals

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