Entry 3


What the hell am I doing here! All this because the group saw the same drow I saw in the desert a few days ago when I was coming into town. Not only are there more people/creatures to worry about but our team faced its toughest battle since I joined the group. Please God will all this lead to some sort of absolution. I’m still grieving from the death of my father and we almost lost our lives today. Gorgy almost died and we continue to aimlessly wander from one crazy mission to another without actually fulfilling any kind of mission. I have no idea what we are doing, or what we should be doing. All I know is that I am doing my best to stay alive and keep the rest of the group alive as well, and with this group, it is not easy. I am sure that there are those in the group that have ulterior motives but, for now, I need to stick to this pseudo-plan that has been cooked up from someone outside of the main group, specifically Jubei.

The group continued our plan to find Jubei’s sister but it wasn’t without some resistance from the drow that were guarding her, but nevertheless, we dispatched the remaining drow and found her in her cell. (But wait! There’s more!) Outside of the normal cells that were in the room was, what I would call, an enchanting cell that had four walls in which the corners were not connected. It appeared to be misty inside and morbid curiosity led us to inquire what was in it. I guess the wall was made of mirrors and a demanding growl of release came from inside the cell. Evangelyne, being the kind hearted barbarian that she is, decides to take heed the demands from the creature within and shatters the windows to release the creature, and in return, the creature would lead us to a way out avoiding Kaz’s return. The creature turned out to be a vampire drow that could have taken us out in one fell swoop but didn’t. Wither way I was ready to fire everything I had if the vampire decided to attack. The vampire, named Kestod, diceded to give us info on Mykaleus and his intentions. He also told us about an evil deity that Mykaleus intends to free and that Mykaleus is messing with things that are way above him. Gruntham informed us the Kestod is an assistant to the deity Kiransalee. Not sure what that exactly means but apparently it has significance. Kestod further explained that the deity that Mykaleus intends to free is very evil and the mere mention of the name by Kestod brought a deafening silence to the room that you could even hear Darian breathe heavy as he does when we mention the name Candy. I can’t remember then name Kestod mentioned, but it is just as well considering he emphatically told us not to mention the name again. Kestod also showed concern for something that the party was holding, something Mykaleus desires greatly and may becoming problematic for the group. Not sure what it is, but nothing at this point surprises me.

After the fun of talking to Kestod wore off, he told us where we can escape and POOF, he vanished. The path he led us to contained some gargoyle looking creatures and a large pit that contained two large creepy crawlers. Gorgy and I tried to fight off the gargoyles but the managed to push us into the pit. While down there, I was able to help take out the crawlers and the gargoyles, but Gorgy and I faced some damage. We both sure need the rest and we both need some answers. This is where our story ends…for now.

Entry 3

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