Entry 1

Day 1

We started the day in a weapons and armor shop. It was very beautiful, not like a blacksmith’s shop. I was able to pick up some enhancements to my crossbow and have been very pleased with my training. Dad has taught me well. I know I could have learned a lot more from him, but alas, he was taken all too soon. I know that with the constant battle going back at home, death is a constant that all of us have gotten used to, but I still miss my dad. My disdain for Elven is as high as it has ever been and I will never forgive them for the death of my father. Gorgy misses dad too. Sometimes I feel that Gorgy sees my dad at various points of the day, and why shouldn’t he, I feel like I do too.

After the weapons shop, Mithrandir, Darian, and I headed back to the apothecary, While Ravinder, Evangelyne, Gruntham. and Morty went back to the tavern to eat. Matthias is back at the temple for studies. I didn’t need to particularly need to go to the apothecary but there is just something strange about the old man that works there. While we were there, I was looking around and as Darian and Mithrandir took off, I was forced to deal with the big cauldron again as part of my ‘exit fee’. The old man wanted me to fill up a 5 gallon jug with the nasty stuff from the cauldron and bring it to him. When I brought it to him, he waved his hand and some transparent disc left the jug and went into the door just behind the old man. At that point, as strange as it seemed, I wasn’t that surprised and I was able to leave. Darian and I headed back to the tavern to get something to eat. Little did we know what was about to happen.

We finally ran into (or at least I did) Bane, one of the many names involved in our quest. He is an interesting individual shielded with all kinds of weaponry and armor, perhaps worth more than what we have in our entire party. He escorts us over to the Blacksmith and into some hidden chamber to discuss what we have uncovered during our investigation up to this point. We divulged various information we had regarding the mayor and various people we have met on the way, in particular, the Drow I saw in my trek in the desert. Plenty was said and I feel more confused than ever. We told him that we intended on going into the desert to look for Mykaleus. Something that appeared to get him agitated was his observation of something evil in the room we were in. Whether it was something in our loot, a weapon, or some sort of magic item, he could sense the presence of something antagonistic in the room. He gave us some sort of protection belt to use to ward off the evil presence should it manifest itself somehow. At this point we left the blacksmith and its keeper, Reegan, and left back to the tavern. It was about 4pm when we did so but I felt the need to head to the desert now. The group convinced me not to go and I also gave them the magic key used to track the infamous tower from the sky. We decided to get some rest and start our quest early in the morning.

After breakfast, we headed to go get our horses from Helga, She asked for a specific coin we received earlier as trade in for fresh horses. We jumped on the horses and took off for the desert.

We rode for many hours and made quite a bit of ground, roughly 20 miles, before our horses got tired and we settled for the night. Apparently the tower we are lookin for is aboiut 50 miles in but moves every morning so the key will lead us where we need to go. I have the first watch along with Gruntham. I get more and more skeptical about the group we have formed. I keep wondering what everyone is about and where they stand, but the more I think about them, the more I get confused. It is obvious our lives are connected in some way by the events that have transpired but I don’t know who to trust. As far as I am concerned, they probably don’t trust me either. HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT WAS THAT

Entry 1

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