Sting of Tenebrous

Piece of the Wand of Orcus

weapon (melee)

+ 5 Chaotic, Unholy Assassin’s Dagger

Minor Artifact
Tainted (Major)
+ 2d6 Damage vs. Good
+ 2d6 Damage vs. Lawful

Assassin’s Terror, at-will:
This weapon typically resides on the wielder as a tattoo on the hand. As a swift action, the wielder may summon the weapon to his hand from the tattoo. The weapon may be returned to tattoo form as a free action.

Contagion of Tenebrous, at-will:
Upon successful melee attack vs. living opponent, subject suffers Contagion of Tenebrous.
Fort DC 22; Initial Damage 1d6 STR; Secondary Damage 2d6 STR

Venom of Tenebrous, 3/day:
Upon successful melee touch attack vs. living opponent, casts Poison (as per the spell) on Target.
Caster Level 20; Fort DC 26; Initial Damage 1d10 CON; Secondary Damage 1d10 CON

Tainted Menace, at-will:
Upon successful melee attack, subject suffers +1d12 negative energy damage per Taint score point of the wielder of Sting of Tenebrous. This ability only operates for individuals with a Taint score.


One of six pieces of the Wand of Orcus separated by Mystra.

Sting of Tenebrous

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