Book of Red Sin

History of Red Sin the Dragon




This is a book crafted out of red dragon hide, bone, and blood. The binding is dragon hide, the ink is dragon blood, and the pages are thin cross-sections of dragon bone itself. The author is unknown. It was looted from the horde of Red Sin the dragon within the Mines of Tethyamar. “Red Sin” was the red dragon who originally destroyed the kingdom of Tethyamar nearly a century earlier, and this book chronicled the dragon’s lifetime in detail.

The book had originally been given to The Apothecary by Mithrandir as an item of interest and study with the idea that it be returned to Mithrandir. It never was. In the aftermath of the combat that saved the remaining inhabitants of the town, the Apothecary and his entire shop had mysteriously disappeared…along with this book in his possession.

Book of Red Sin

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