Zeke the Halfling

Owner of Zeke's Exotic Hides in Calaunt


Zeke the Halfling is the shrewd owner of an Exotic Hides store in the city of Calaunt. He has officially contracted with the Party to pay them gold in exchange for hides of exotic creatures. The Party completed a quest for him to slay a group of trolls and provide Zeke with the hides for purposes of upholstering some furniture for a private buyer.

Zeke also owns a large menagerie of extraplanar creatures that he uses as a constant supply of various exotic and hard-to-come-by materials. He is this year’s sponsor and provider of the monstrous combatants in Hillsfar’s week-long gladiator games.

Zeke is the half-brother of Argyrios, who is the head of the Tanning Guild in Calaunt.

Zeke the Halfling

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