Drow Rogue/Swashbuckler


Rayyn was one of the first, original party members to join forces in Tethyamar under Shane “Bane” Justus’ direction. Rayyn had traveled to the surface for purposes of investigating reported drow activities in the vicinity of Tethyamar, since his family was embroiled in politics among warring Houses in the nearby Underdark.

Rayyn continued his investigations with the party until his untimely demise in the Moathouse located outside Tethyamar in the edge of the Border Forest. He was mind-controlled by a Deep Spawn and subsequently turned on the party. Rayyn’s life was sacrificed to the Deep Spawn in order to save the rest of the party. However, later investigative efforts by Mithrandir revealed no evidence of Rayyn’s dead body in the aftermath of the combat with the Deep Spawn…



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