Ravinder Nath

A Mute Character from Another Realm


Chaotic Neutral Human Rogue / Scout
CR 12


Ravinder Nath is a human who found his way into the Mines of Tethyamar by sheer happenstance. He arrived by way of a miraculous planeshift from the Domain of Dread, that somehow allowed him to escape the inescapable. Consequently, his arrival to Tethyamar also damned former party members Vlad and Brodin to the Domain of Dread in his place.

Ravinder literally fell out of the sky onto the sandy grounds of Tethyamar after Vlad and Brodin mysteriously disappeared, and the Party suddenly found themselves with a mute stranger who was as confused about his arrival as they were. Ravinder was taken in by Evangelyne who pitied his circumstances, and he continued to travel with the Party and assist them to the extent that he could. Despite his brief flirtations with Evangelyne, he became infatuated with a human stripper in Tethyamar named “Candy” whose temptation led him down a dark path.

Ravinder’s life as he knew it ended when he was given an item from Darian Skullbasher (who had received it from the evil Apothecary in town) that suddenly possessed him and left him unconscious. Observation and research concluded he was possessed by Ghaunadhar, the disgusting drow god of ooze, and a botched attempt at an exorcism not only sealed the possession but destroyed the Temple of Ao in town where the exorcism took place.

Shortly thereafter, Ravinder slew Mathias Thunderheart and teleported away with the rest of the Party, which began Act 2…

Ravinder Nath

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