Nigel the Merchant

Spice Trader, Merchant & Sailor


Nigel is a spice trader that the Party first met in Heliogabulus, the capital of Damara. He owns a mid-sized merchant vessel that can easily sail the sea as well as it can sail the larger rivers. In exchange for protection from the Party, Nigel agreed to grant the Party passage on his ship to Calaunt.

Nigel is always accompanied by his very large bodyguard Griswold, who the Party speculates is some kind of golem-like creature. Attempts by Mathias Thunderheart to read Nigel’s mind also failed miserably despite instances that should have been a spectacular success, and this only seemed to suggest that Nigel is far more powerful and far more magical than he may appear.

After the Party first agreed to travel as passengers aboard Nigel’s ship, Gruuntham Bronzerunner conferred with his deity for guidance regarding whether traveling with Nigel is a good idea. The response received by Gruuntham merely stated, “A ship is only as good as its captain.”

Since his original travels with the Party, Nigel also became the wealthy sponsor to support the participation of the Party in the annual Hillsfar arena week-long gladiator games.

Nigel the Merchant

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