Lionel Mountebank

Mayor of Tethyamar


Young Red Dragon


The quintessential bureaucratic fat cat, Lionel Mountebank was the corrupt mayor of Tethyamar until he was slain by the party in a final conflict to save the town from destruction. Lionel Mountebank was an extraordinarily obese, filthy rich human who swindled ‘ownership’ of Tethyamar from the current descendant of Tethyamar’s last great dwarven king.

As it turned out, Lionel Mountebank was actually a Young Red Dragon in disguise who worshiped Tenebrous, and he was the last surviving hatchling from a clutch of red dragons descended from “Red Sin,” who was the red dragon that destroyed the Kingdom of Tethyamar nearly a century earlier.

Lionel Mountebank

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