Kestod the Vampire

Drow Vampire Servant of Kiaransalee


Kestod was originally held captive in a prison of mirrors in the drow military outpost located in the Anauroch approximately three days travel west of Tethyamar. The Party, specifically Evangelyne released him out of curiosity after routing the drow forces of the outpost. After expressing his undying gratitude to Evangelyne for her assistance in his escape, Kestod left to tend to business owed to Kiaransalee.

Not much is known about this individual aside from the fact that he had acted as Kiaransalee’s close ally and friend prior to his imprisonment in the Anauroch. Since his original encounter with the Party, he has only since shown up once to aid them in defeating Shane “Bane” Justus. Kestod is a very powerful sorcerer, and after slaying Bane with his own hands he summoned an Oubliette from Hell to take Bane’s soul and forever keep it in torment wandering through Hell.

Kestod insists on impeccable etiquette and wearing his tattered noble trappings, because he feels as though it gives him a dignified presence despite the brutality that seems to come effortlessly from his hands.

Kestod the Vampire

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