Harkin St. Vier

Assimar Bard


Bard level 13


Harkin St. Vier is a long-time acquaintance of Nigel the Merchant. Nigel was first introduced to Harkin in years past when previously traveling in the East. Nigel was drawn to Harkin’s powerful tales, and Harkin was drawn to Nigel’s frequent travels and knowledge of people and locales. Although the two of them have not established a close friendship, they have managed to run into each other by happenstance often enough to keep semi-frequent lines of communication.

Harkin was convinced to join the Party during the gladiatorial contests in the Hillsfar arena, where Nigel felt the Party could use someone to represent a unified voice. Nigel offered to make it worth Harkin’s effort in exchange for his steadfast assistance to the Party. The Party has yet to fully trust Harkin and his personal quest for equal treatment of non-humans, but his undeniable contributions to the groups’ efforts have made an impact strong enough for the Party to continue to work with him and seek his ongoing support.

Harkin only very recently revealed his identity as an Aasimar to the group, which has created some additional caution in the Party’s behavior. However, the positive reputation behind Aasimars in general seems to favor Harkin in the long run.

Harkin seems to have a hidden agenda which the Party has yet to determine, but his motives seem good and actions genuine enough to allow the Party to set their suspicions to the side, albeit temporarily.

Harkin St. Vier

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