Gruuntham Bronzerunner

Dwarven Cleric


Cleric 9 / Ordained Champion 5


Gruuntham Bronzerunner was originally drawn to the Mines of Tethyamar out of compassion for his fellow dwarves who were subjected to insurmountable oppression and slavery at the hands of Lionel Mountebank. He could not stand by and watch his people fall victim to such conditions, and hence he had the most to gain personally by enlisting with Shane “Bane” Justus to overthrow the existing political regime in Tethyamar.

As a cleric of Haela Brightaxe, Gruuntham left his fate to chance and luck, so he willingly allowed himself to become involved in Bane’s ongoing efforts to investigate the town and uncover the corruption plaguing its government and residents. Because Gruuntham had a great deal personally invested in the outcome of Tethyamar, he was typically the most staunch supporter of actions in its favor which resulted in his often de facto leadership of the party. His wisdom and passion often seemed to inspire the rest of the group, although he typically had to rely on their resources for knowledge and magic. A mishap from Mystra’s magic resulted in both Gruuntham and his equipment being turned golden in color, but since that time he has almost grown fond of the change (despite its very conspicuous appearance).

Upon successful completion and survival of Mystra’s Labyrinth to restore a body back to Mathias Thunderheart, Gruuntham was also selected as the party member to gain an audience with an unknown demi-god trapped within the confines of Mystra’s temple. Although his memory of the exchange that occurred with that individual was purposefully erased by the same demi-god, Gruuntham was allowed to retain his shorthand notes taken throughout their conversation and discussion. Gruuntham was also granted possession of the Sword of Light by that same deity, a lesser artifact with an intelligence dedicated to weeding out and destroying evil, which includes its sister sword – the Sword of Darkness.

Gruuntham Bronzerunner

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