Human Ranger


Ranger / Cragtop Archer


Dastan grew up in a small human village in The High Forest west of the Anauroch Desert. His father trained him the arts of a huntsman and marksman with the importance of being able to track enemies and slay them from a distance without risking harm to oneself.

Dastan’s father was slain by a rogue band of elves wreaking havoc over the inhabitants in that region of the forest. Since that time many years ago, Dastan has managed to track down and assassinate each member of that group with the exception of its leader, the name of whom he has never been able to learn.

The death of Dastan’s father continues to haunt his dreams, and only the destruction of his father’s murderers will bring peace to his restless journey. Dastan had traveled east across the Anauroch in an effort to continue his search elsewhere, when he stumbled across a drow outpost that might be able to provide clues about his father’s killer. He followed a drow rider to Tethyamar, where he met the current Party and became involved in their quest.


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