Elven Barbarian


Barbarian / Avenging Executioner
Leader of Minotaur cohort Mortimer


Evangelyne is a member of an Uthgardt barbarian tribe that migrated down from the northern glacier to the Border Forest east of the Anauroch Desert. Except for a handful of survivors, her entire tribe was exterminated at the hands of an unnamed individual later determined to be an Aspect of Tenebrous. The reasoning behind such massacre is unknown. Evangelyne is on a personal quest to avenge her tribe and seek the destruction of Tenebrous at all costs.

She had a brief infatuation with Ravinder Nath that was squelched when he became possessed by Ghaunadhar and forced the party on their current quest. Since that time she has taken on Mortimer as her cohort follower and began teaching him the ways of her barbarian tribe.

It’s recently been revealed to Evangelyne by Saevel “The Shaman” Naelgrath that she must be the subject of an ancient prophecy passed down through the generations to the spiritual leaders of her tribe:

“Only she-elf born of Lurking Death
Can seal the Nameless who draws no breath”


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