Leader of the Screaming Masks Thieves Guild


Enzer is the charismatic, handsome, and devious leader of the Screaming Masks, a thieves’ guild that has established its own operating cells in the majority of metropolis cities in Faerun. He had temporarily holed up in a Moathouse in the Border Forest outside Tethyamar renting some space from Lolth drow as a temporary hideout. He led a pack of bandits in that area attacking caravans and other weary travelers coming in from the desert or traveling alone along the road to Daggerfalls from Tethyamar.

Enzer was “captured” by Shane “Bane” Justus in Tethyamar and the Party interrogated him while he was held captive in the Temple of Ao. He provided little useful information aside from none too subtle indications that he was infatuated with Evangelyne. Enzer was eventually let loose from Bane’s watchful eye, and he later assisted the Party when they were being hunted by infernal assassins that disguised themselves as crows. While providing the Party sanctuary and rest, Enzer revealed to Evangelyne that he had feelings for her and gave her a feather token to be used under dire circumstances if needed. He never explained what the item actually did.

Mathias Thunderheart managed to read Enzer’s thoughts while sheltering from the assassins, and Mathias learned that Enzer was on Bane’s payroll as an informant in exchange for amnesty and protection by the Church of Tyr.


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