Halfling Rogue


Rogue level 13


Another long-time acquaintance of Nigel the Merchant. However, Emil tends to know more information than Nigel’s other typical professional colleagues due to Emil’s ties with the thieves guild of Hillsfar. For a long time, Emil has sought escape from Hillsfar and its iron fist rule over non-humans as slaves. However, luck has had it (good or ill) that no plans previously initiated to further his escape have worked out. Each attempt has had a bittersweet ending where somehow Emil managed to thwart capture or otherwise evade authority while those others participating in the escape attempt were imprisoned or slain. He has a local reputation among other thieves as being cursed, but Emil’s actual thief skills are superb. He has a penchant for taking advantage of every opportunity that comes his way to make some coin or otherwise seek some kind of benefit, which is exactly how his current arrangement fell in place with Nigel.

Nigel promised Emil’s escape and freedom from Hillsfar in exchange for his assistance and support of the Party. While Emil does not necessarily have any personal stake in the Party’s endeavors outside the city, their story is intriguing and compelling enough to maintain his participation and interest. Emil is aware that his current colleagues are “evil” clones of their original selves, but the non-evil actions of the Party as a whole continue to make him wonder whether there is more to the story than he knows.


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