Darian Skullbasher

Drow Duskblade


Drow Duskblade 13
Owner of Archer


Darian Skullbasher awoke in Act 1 to find himself bound, gagged, and stuffed into a a secret 5′ × 5′ room in the heart of the Moathouse located in the Border Forest just north of Tethyamar. He had no memory of how or why he got there, and that time he was also human. Darian was rescued by the Party and joined them in hopes of finding out more information about himself while assisting the Party in their efforts to rid Tethyamar of its corruption.

Only later when Darian was beaten unconscious and nearly slain by brigands outside Calaunt did his physical form revert to that of a drow elf with a large facial tattoo featuring the unholy symbol of Kiaransalee. Darian was just as surprised as the Party to learn that he was actually a drow, and the Party determined that he had actually been polymorphed into a human for reasons none of them could determine.

Bit by bit, Darian is slowly recovering his memory and learning more about himself and his past. Until his encounter with The Guardian of Mystra’s holiest temple, Darian previously was also the keeper of the Sting of Tenebrous, which is one of six pieces of the Wand of Orcus.

Darian Skullbasher

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