Evangelyne's Minotaur Cohort


Minotaur Barbarian 3


“Moritmer” was originally a new recruit in the all Minotaur mercenary group out of Mulhorand called the Sentinels of Taurus-Re*. This particular mercenary group is a surface-dwelling sect of Minotaurs of Lawful Neutral alignment, and they offer their services to those willing to pay regardless of the nature of the task. They are fearless, precise, and obey orders to their maximum capability. The Sentinels are recognizable because their veteran members dye their fur black and specialize in attacks that use a whip for tripping opponents and a maul for smashing them on the ground.

Because of the nature of their organization, all members are identified only by a numerical designation with the exception of Number 1, who is known as Unas. At the time he met the Party, Moritmer was only known as Number 13, and he was a Young Minotaur not yet full grown.

The Sentinels were hired by Lionel Mountebank as the primary enforcers in Tethyamar. Mortimer did not receive his name until he was assigned to the Party as an escort in Tethyamar, and Evangelyne wanted to call him something else than Number 13. She gave him the name “Mortimer” and began teaching him Common, since at that time his only known language was his native tongue of Giant.

*Taurus-Re is a Minotaur specific reimagining of the deity Horus-Re.


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