Shane "Bane" Justus

A High Ranking Paladin of the Church of Tyr


Lawful Good Human Paladin/Knight
CR 15


Ever the stalwart and stereotypical paladin, Shane “Bane” Justus upheld the virtues of order and good and fought vigilantly against the forces of chaos and the wicked. He was the leader and figurehead of the Order of the Fists of Tyr, which was a specific branch of the Church of Tyr dedicated to liberating the oppressed and bringing down corrupt political leaders. Shane had attained the rank of High Inquisitor, which granted him strong political clout and access to persons and places otherwise prohibited.

“Bane” originally recruited the Party, shortly after their initial arrival in Tethyamar, to assist him in investigating the nefarious goings-on in the small mining community. He periodically checked in with them and provided guidance for their actions. Due to critical obligations outside of Tethyamar, particularly in Daggerfalls, Bane could not provide ongoing support to the Party, who often had to act without Bane’s guidance and direction.

Bane was fixated on bringing Lionel Mountebank to justice in the judicial system of the Church of Tyr, but ultimately the Party had to resort to killing the Mayor of Tethyamar to prevent even greater harm to its population.

Later, in Act 2, Bane was hunting the Party as abominations of Ghaunadhar, but the Party’s confrontation with Bane ultimately led to his demise at the hands of Kestod the Vampire. Not only was Bane murdered violently by Kestod, but his soul was sent by Kestod for eternal torment in Hell trapped in an Oubliette.

Shane "Bane" Justus

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