The Apothecary

Evil Alchemist & Mage from Tethyamar


The Apothecary attempted to lead various members of the Party astray, and was successful only in tempting Mithrandir enough to unwittingly take possession of the Sting of Tenebrous, which is a piece of the Wand of Orcus. It was also ultimately the Apothecary who tricked Darian Skullbasher into activating an item that resulted in Ravinder Nath’s possession by Ghaunadhar.

The Apothecary was a human who ran a general goods & services store in Tethyamar, but he also offered a small selection of rare and valuable magic items for sale. Due to his age (so he claimed), he always required his patrons to perform some kind of physical service or task to assist him in his daily activities or maintenance of his shop.

To protect his store, the Apothecary owned a three-headed Nessian Warhound he affectionately named “Cerberus.”

Subsequent to the fall of the Mayor of Tethyamar, the Apothecary left the town (and took his entire shop with him) presumably never to be seen again. Some time later in Act 2, Harkin St. Vier managed to run across the Apothecary in a new location in the city of Hillsfar as owner of “The Wizard Shoppe.” Harkin had no knowledge of the Party’s prior interactions with the Apothecary, and he proceeded to create what would be a lasting business relationship and venture between the Apothecary and the Party. The Party members remain ignorant to the Apothecary acting under the guise of “The Wizard.”

The Apothecary

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