Airk the Red

Dwarven Leader of Tethyamar


Airk the Red received his name due to his fiery colored red hair growing in copious amounts around his head. He is the last living descendent of the last great King of Tethyamar, when it was still a grand dwarven kingdom. He is also the individual who unwittingly turned control of Tethyamar over to Lionel Mountebank, who had convinced Airk that he needed the assistance of someone to come in, clean up the town, and run it efficiently to make a profit. However, the paperwork granted the Mayor indefinite control over the town and allowed him to take military command through martial law.

Airk had attempted to get out of his deal by submitting pleas for help to nearby authorities in the Dalelands, but all refused aid with the exception of the Church of Tyr who assigned Shane “Bane” Justus to lead an investigation into the town and any political corruption. Following the death of the Mayor at the end of Act 1, Airk reclaimed control of the town and vowed to eventually return Tethyamar to its former glory no matter how long it takes.

Airk the Red

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