A Faerunian Tale

A Long Fall in a Short Match (Arena Day 1)

Session 33 - July 27, 2012

The party witnessed the Cyclonic Ravager begin to rise at the opposite end of the arena then disappear naturally as an air elemental. Gruuntham buffed the party as they spread out briefly and pressed their backs up against the walls to prevent being caught off guard from behind. Suddenly, then air around the party began to blow violently throwing most of the group off their feet and forcefully into the walls.

Darian began working his way around the edge of the arena when to his surprise his elven senses noticed a trap door in the floor behind which a deep growling sound resonated. He avoided the door and took up a defensive position along with the rest of the party while Mathias remained closer to the center as bait. Mathias cast sleet storm in the upper aerial portions of the arena so the party could see the outline of the creature as it flew around.

The ravager attacked Mathias from the air above and Darian counterattacked with his guisarme as a reach weapon dealing significant damage. In a fit of anger, the creature grabbed Darian and dragged him straight up into the air while it continued to accelerate. Because the creature was partially visible from the sleet storm, Mathias managed to strike it with an orb of force while Dastan unloaded a volley of arrows that also managed to strike the ravager without harming Darian. The ravager continued accelerating up into the air beyond the sleet storm with the apparent intention of then plunging downward a minimum of 250’ to crash Darian into the dirt. However, Dastan was quick to to unleash a final lethal volley of arrows that amazingly all managed to avoid Darian and strike the creature despite its natural invisibility. Of course, as the creature perished and vanished into vapor, Darian began falling from the sky.

In the meantime, Gruuntham ran to the trap door spotted by Darian earlier and triggered its release. A dire tiger sprang from its hiding place in the arena and charged Gruuntham inflicting some surprisingly minor damage. Gruuntham struck the tiger a near fatal blow, when Mortimer charged across the back of the arena. As he ran, Mortimer pulled his magical maul and smashed the tiger beyond recognition. He then reached out with a powerful arm and snatched Darian out of the air at the last moment preventing a painful and possibly lethal landing in the dirt.

The crowd cheered wildly and the party successfully won their first match in the arena.

As the party returned to their quarters beneath the arena, Nigel met up with them and informed them that their performance that day provided for excellent winnings at the betting tables. Each person who bet on the party saw a 100% return on their investment.

Now it was time for the party to rest, recover, and see what information they could reveal for the following day.



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