A Faerunian Tale

A Bulette to the Head (Arena Day 4)

After a long rest following their victory of the Beholders, the Party awoke to find Harkin just returning with information he had gathered under cover of night. With Crust’s help to provide access in and out of the holding cells and some magical disguise work, Harkin had managed to accomplished quite a bit through the late and early hours. Aside from establishing new business relationships and endeavors for the Party in Hillsfar, he also managed to learn that the creatures the Party would face that day were some derivation of Bulette with extraplanar aspects to them. That information, when combined with Crust’s information on the smoke-filled arena, set a very difficult and deadly scenario of a smokey terrain with the Party fighting beasts that could burrow and locate them by their movements on the ground. This final match against monstrous opponents would easily prove to be the most difficult of the series so far.



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