A Brief Introduction…

A Faerunian Tale is a long-term campaign using the D&D 3.5 Ed rules and set in the 3rd Ed Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. The game has been ongoing for over a year at this point, and it is broken into multiple Acts as outlined below. It is a high magic game for 4 – 5 players plus a DM. It originally started with characters at Level 3, but as of the time this Campaign page has been created the average character level is Level 12. I anticipate the campaign to take characters to Level 18 or beyond.

As the DM for this campaign, I have run this extended adventure in various iterations approximately 5 times now, each time taking about 18 months or more to complete. The current version is probably the most extensive, and the players involved have put more thought and planning into their actions than any group previously which makes this a particularly fun and challenging game to run.

The age range for players interested in this game is approximately 25 – 40.

Check back often for updates, since PCs, NPCs, Locations, Loot, and all sorts of information will be continually uploaded and updated for this campaign.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Existing players should click over on the Wiki tab for more game specific information.

Meet The Party

Various individuals have come and gone as Party Members, but the current PCs consist of the following:

Gruuntham Bronzerunner
A dwarven cleric of Haela Brightaxe who often leaves his fate to fortune at the roll of a knucklebone (die). He is often the de facto leader of the Party, providing direction and wisdom.

An elven barbarian who is full of compassion but quick to anger, often ending with someone or something getting broken. She is quick to make decisions and ready for action, and she often prefers brash action over drawn out thought and strategy. Her leadership efforts have successfully resulted in recruitment of a Minotaur as her cohort follower.

A restless human ranger who also prefers immediate action over strategy. He is possibly more eager for combat than Evangelyne, always looking for an opportunity to prove that his bow is far mightier than any sword.

Darian Skullbasher
A drow duskblade slowly recovering his memory after a long stint of amnesia, he is easily the most knowledgeable of any of the Party Members on any subject and uses such knowledge to find the weaknesses of his enemies with thorough strategy. Although his motives are often questioned, his dedication to the Party and their mission has remained unwavering.

Mathias Thunderheart
A human warmage reborn as a warforged due to a recent twist of fate. His vast historical knowledge and military upbringing combined with his explosive arcane talents make him a formidable force on the battlefield. He shares Darian’s penchant for strategy and planning.

Act 1 – Corruption in the Mines

Act 1 Prologue

The Mines of Tethyamar have now long been reduced to a border town outpost at the edge of the Anauroch Desert. Once a great dwarven nation, Tethyamar and its inhabitants are hardly a shadow of what used to be. The dwarven population has been forced into labor at the hands of its Mayor, Lionel Mountebank, and the corruption runs deeper than any can imagine. To make matters worse, bandits are raiding caravans en route to the small mining community.

With rumors of horrible creatures slaying dwarves in the mines and dark forces at work in the night, only the stoutest of heroes can uncover the Mayor’s insidious plots.

Act 1 Epilogue

Although the Party was successful in slaying the mayor, who was revealed to be a Young Red Dragon in disguise, and defeating Mykaeleus in his Fortress of Mirrors in the Great Desert, the onslaught of Jubei’s clan decimated the overwhelming majority of the dwarven population of Tethyamar. The Party fought valiantly alongside Shane “Bane” Justus to overcome the clan and turn the tide of battle to force the remaining clan survivors out of the town.

The Temple of Ao was also destroyed in the attempted exorcism of Ravinder Nath, but the sacred rite was unsuccessful. Ultimately, Ravinder was possessed by the deity Ghaunadhar, who slew Mathias Thunderheart and teleported away with the surviving Party Members to enlist them on a quest that could destroy Faerun’s surface world and the Weave in one fell strike…

Act 2 – Raze to Power

Act 2 Prologue

After unexpectedly taking over the body of fellow adventurer Ravinder Nath, the horrific drow god of oozes, Ghaunadhar, has managed to steal the power of the Weave from Mystra and force her on a quest to retrieve the lost pieces of the Wand of Orcus with the assistance of the Party. Can the party figure out a way to thwart the plans of this evil deity while serving his sinister purposes at the same time?

Act 2 Epilogue

The party successfully collected all of the lost pieces of the Wand of Orcus and delivered them to Ghaunadhar. The plan was to provide Ghaunadhar with the Wand of Orcus so that he could venture to the Domain of Dread and slay Tenebrous. This plan failed.

Although the party succeeded in forging the legendary weapon Chaosbreaker to try and slay Ghaunadhar after he would destroy Tenebrous, Tenebrous turned the tables on all of them only to absorb Ghaunadhar’s divinity and rip through the multiverse in an effort to become the Supreme God…

Act 3 – Sever the Godhead

Act 3 Prologue

After arming Ghaunadhar with the Wand of Orcus as a way to destroy Tenebrous in his prison within the Domain of Dread, Tenebrous managed to destroy Ghaunadhar, take the Wand, assume full godhood as Orcus reborn, and damn the heroes to oblivion while ensuring his ascension as supreme god of the multiverse.

However, in Orcus’ haste to depart his imprisonment, he left in his wake a tear in the Domain of Dread through which the heroes fell and followed him to the City of Doors.

Now, the party must siege the stronghold of Orcus in Sigil and defeat him once and for all with the help of the legendary weapon Chaosbreaker. Can the party successfully make their way to Orcus before he brings down the entire multiverse with his presence in Sigil?

A Faerunian Tale

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